Prevention Programs

Bullying Prevention Training

  • Community: involving parents and the larger community in supporting the bullying prevention initiative
  • School-wide: including a survey to assess the prevalence of bullying; a school-wide Bullying Prevention Committee to direct the program; and a comprehensive system to supervise students
  • Classroom: including establishing classroom rules; holding classroom meetings to discuss bullying issues and encourage pro-social behaviors; and meeting with parents to encourage their involvement
  • Individual: including interventions with all students involved in bullying behavior

Cyberbullying Prevention Training
Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that occurs through email, instant messaging, in a chat room, social media on a web site or through digital messages or images that are sent to a cellular phone or personal digital assistant (PDA). These training sessions focus on helping caregivers recognize the ways that cyberbullying can happen, how to prevent it; how to help someone who has been victimized or how to counsel those who have participated in this behavior.

Bullying Awareness Workshops & Prevention Seminars
Bullying Awareness Workshops begin the process of bullying prevention by inspiring parents and the community to start a program in the classroom or pre-school, on the sports field, or anywhere bullying is a concern. Bullying Prevention Seminars give teachers, early childhood education providers, school counselors, coaches, school-age childcare practitioners and parents the tools they need to prevent bullying behavior.

  • Resources to share with and empower parents, coaches, and school staff
  • Intervention messages that tell students their bullying behavior is unacceptable
  • Methods of “fostering courage” and using “proactive bystanders” to help identify bullying
  • Strategies and curriculum-related activities to help children deal with and stop bullying

Dr. D’Antona works with the school superintendent, principals and/or teachers to develop the most appropriate program elements for building a safe, bullying-free environment.