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Bullying Solutions: Learn to Overcome From Real Case Studies


Bullying Solutions compiles more than 40 real-life examples of various types of bullying (including haz- ing) and explores how they were confronted. These are not scientific case studies, but detailed illustra- tions of actual events. By examining these stories and reviewing the actions of those involved, read- ers will gain practical, user-friendly advice from the lessons learned by others in handling or even rec- ognizing a bullying problem. 

Chapters include: 

  • An overview of bullying facts, myths, and definitions
  • A parental “toolbox” of actions for preventing and intervening in bullying
  • Information to help readers put the examples into perspective and develop a plan of action
    With clear formatting and down-to-earth language, Bullying Solutions is certain to be an important new weapon in the war on bullying for parents, school administrators, children, and others.

Tackling Bullying in Athletics: Best Practices for Modeling Appropriate Behavior

Teaching children to be more caring toward each other and learning about our differences is so crucial. Meline Kevorkian & Robin D’Antona are tackling an important issue facing all our schools today."  Tony Sparano, Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins  

“Bullying in athletics is an issue that affects everyone and, left unchecked becomes a part of a much larger problem. It is important that everyone recognizes bullying and learns how to deal with it appropriately. This book offers a clear definition of bullying and simple, practical ways to deal with the unique circumstances of the athletic setting. This is a must-read for parents, coaches, and educators who are concerned about eliminating bullying behavior wherever it occurs. 

Gary Nihan, K-12 Director of Physical and Nursing Services, Danvers, MA

Bullying prevention is on the mind of all people who work with children around the globe. This includes school; school activities and on & off the playing field. The athletic field with all its triumphs is an area where bullying can occur and often not recognized as a serious behavior with devastating consequences.

Tackling bullying in athletics was written to help athletic directors, coaches, parents and all those who help youth enjoy the benefits of sports and how they can provide a bully-free playing field and promote the sportsmanship and character that prevent bullying. The easy to read format and solid practical advice provide the guidelines and best practices to coach with success and provide a winning environment for everyone.

The best practices compliment and parallel the school efforts that should be organized to prevent bullying.  

101 Facts About Bullying: What Everyone Should Know

In these times, everyone from parents, educators, social workers, physicians, psychologists and all those who are involved with the care and welfare of children and young adults are confronted with the issue of bullying. This behavior is one of life’s major pressures facing children today. Bullying behaviors create an environment that can be uncomfortable, threatening and even hostile which makes is difficult if not impossible for children to learn. In fact, bullying behavior impacts social and overall well being. Given the stakes, bullying prevention is a key responsibility for all adults.

The first and most crucial step to bullying prevention and promoting peace is to separate the myths and facts and to gain awareness of what research says about bullying and its prevention. This book is designed to breakdown what the research says about bullying, including cyberbullying, and its effects and what can and should be done to minimize or reduce it. Readers will find this an invaluable tool to decipher fact from fiction when it comes to bullying prevention.

The Comfort Zone: Providing a safe and bully free environment for School-Age Child Care

The Comfort Zone is a magnificent learning tool to cultivate a safe environment and teach skills to develop socially responsible children in school-age childcare, while boosting your program on it’s way to excellence. Whether used together or separately, both are designed to raise awareness of bullying and harassment prevention and give practical solutions. In this book you will be provided with the knowledge and practical advice necessary to incorporate steps and measures, while obtaining concrete solutions to creating a safe and bully free Comfort Zone.

While there are no grandiose or magical explanations, intellectually understanding the importance of bullying prevention as well as developing and maintaining a superior program in or out of school is what will set you at the forefront of your competition and place you in a reputable place in your community. But by far, it is our responsibility as adults, caretakers and human beings to nurture the delicacy of youth. We can only accomplish this by ongoing improvements and continuing education with the children’s safety as the principal purpose.

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