About Robin

Robin D’Antona, Ed. D. is an educational consultant. She is author of: Bullying Solutions: Learn to Overcome From Real Case Studies, 101 Things Everyone Should Know about Bullying and The Comfort Zone: Providing a Safe and Bully Free Environment for School Age Childcare. Her book Tackling Bullying in Athletics looks at this issue and offers some practical solutions for both coaches and parents.

She works with school districts, after school programs and other groups training parents, teachers, coaches and practitioners bullying prevention. For over 10 years she was a Certified National Olweus Bullying Prevention Trainer. Robin frequently presents at conferences on a variety of topics related to school safety.

Recently Robin has been featured on WGBH-Boston, CNN-Atlanta, WBZ-Boston as an expert in bullying prevention. She has been quoted in numerous newspapers, online publications including CNN Health, Boston Globe and the Springfield Republican to name just a few.

Robin is a Founding Board Member of the International Bullying Prevention Association, Inc. She is the former Associate Director of the Project on Teasing and Bullying at the Center for on Women of the Wellesley Centers for Women. In addition, Robin was a Program Consultant to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bullying Prevention Project expansion schools.

She conducted a study on the effects of bullying and teasing in athletics and authored Breaking Through The Line – Bullying and Athletics (1999) and has produced an award winning video The Point After (Media One).

Robin has dedicated her career to training and research to raise awareness and further the information base of the negative effects of bullying and school safety. She firmly believes that every child has the fundamental right to feel welcome and safe in school – and to be free from bullying.