How have you been affected by cyberbullying? If you've been cyberbullied, please share your story and describe how you felt. Share any advice you have for others. If you've been mean to someone online, please explain why you did what you did.

"I feel like the person who did this to me has no idea how much it hurt. Seriously every day I hear the words in my head over and over again and it hurts just as much as when I first read them."


"I don't understand why people have to be so mean. Girls say things to each other online that they would never say to each other in person. Even the quietest girl will say things."


"There's really no one I can talk to about what I'm going through. The people who I thought were my friends turned against me. I can't talk to my parents. The one friend I have left can't relate."


"I haven't experienced anything too serious but someone who I thought was my friend called me a "fatty." A real friend would never do that. I know I could lose a few pounds but it doesn't need to be broadcasted out there."


"No one has done anything really mean to me but I can see why it's so hurtful. You don't want someone saying something bad to your face so think of how much more it would hurt to see it online where everyone else can see it too."